Camping with Pets Checklist

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  • Can opener (for canned food)
  • Food and water dish
  • Pet food
  • Water bottles for our dogs when on walks


  • bandanna
  • bucket (with lid - this is a very important part to avoid pesky bugs) to put poop in after scooping (see tip #5)
  • dog back pack 
  • dog whistle
  • metal spiral stake (corkscrew stake) for hooking up the leash
  • muzzle (if dog is not good with interacting with people)
  • Pet
  • picture of them in case they are lost
  • plastic bags
  • Pooper Scooper (see tip #5)
  • Portable air-conditioner
  • reflector light tag for their collar or Glow in the dark collar (see tip #6)
  • towels or chamois to dry wet pet
  • two collars
  • two leashes
  • washcloth to soak to keep pet cool


  • Brush for long haired dogs
  • Toe nail clipper


  • All of their medical records
  • Current tags on dog
  • Find out in advance where the nearest 24 hour vet is located
  • First aid kit for pets
  • Flea and tick repellant
  • Phone number to your veterinarian
  • Spray for bugs
  • Tweezers and/or Mentholatum for removing ticks


  • Bones or other chew toys  icon
  • Toys (Ball, Frisbee or favorite toys)
  • Treats
  • X-pen or playyard


  • life jacket
  • Shoes or boots (swimming and hiking leads to soft paws that easily get sore and cut)


  • Blanket and warm bedding
  • Cage or tent (see tip #4)

Tips and Suggestions

  • Always keep in mind that dogs should not be subject to the extreme heat of summer or the extreme cold of winter. If you can I would suggest leaving the dog with a friend or kennel.
  • Call ahead to see what is allowed -- some require pet to sleep in tent or car so bring any carrier or bedding you need for the pet.
  • don't bring pooper scooper (yuck for transporting), just plastic bags
  • Instead of a cage, let your pet have his own tent. Pack it with blankets and toys. Rig something inside like a cinder block to hold the leash. It gives them a more comfortable escape.
  • Just a comment or note: Please Do Not leave your pet locked up in your camper all day long (burning up) while you are out on the lake enjoying yourself.
  • We couldn't see our little black dog at night when we camped. Our kids brought glo sticks for the grandkids and we put two attached together on the dog for a collar. We always knew exactly where she was!
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