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All Terrain Campers' products are unique in that they are the lightest full-featured campers on the market and they are built endure off-road driving and offer many years of use under demanding conditions. We recently got to talk to the guys at ATC about their unique product line and this is what they had to say:

Camping USA: How would you describe your company and product to someone that is unfamiliar with All Terrain Campers?

ATC:  We produce strong, light-weight, welded aluminum frame slide-in 4x4 campers that are built to survive. All Terrain Campers are the lightest weight, lowest profile, and most durable pop-up campers on the market today. With over 30 years of experience in the pop-up camper industry, we'll meet your needs whether you are an off-road enthusiast or just a casual weekend camper.

Camping USA: Is aluminum construction very common in the truck camper market these days?

ATC: Most campers today have wooden frames, making them both heavier and not nearly as strong as an aluminum framed camper.

Camping USA: What other construction techniques and/or materials make All Terrain Campers unique?

ATC: Our campers contain no particle board or pressboard. Our side liners are built to be much tougher than those used by other camper manufacturers. Exacting attention to materials and details results in a camper that is built to last for years.

Camping USA: We have seen these aluminum framed campers last many years, even decades. How does the lifespan of a standard wood-framed camper compare to an ATC camper?

ATC: That depends on a lot of factors like what kinds of driving and weather conditions each camper is used in. Wood framed campers won't hold up over time if used in inclement weather and driving conditions over a period of years. ATC campers are known to last many years even in the most demanding of conditions. This is one reason our campers have one of the highest resale values in the business - even the older ones are still in good shape. A wood-framed camper that has seen a lot of heavy use is often in poor shape and worth very little at resale time.

Camping USA: ATC makes some of the lightest campers on the market. How does a light weight camper benefit a camper owner?

ATC: Many trucks - especially compact trucks and half-tons, are overloaded when hauling heavier campers. In the case of the popular Toyota Tacoma, very few campers at all are made for the truck and most that are result in severely overloading the payload rating of a compact truck like the Tacoma. A severely overloaded truck will experience diminished braking ability and emergency handling, inadequate acceleration, greatly reduced gas mileage, and will be more prone to mechanical failures when used off-road.

ATC campers can be used safely on just about any kind of truck, including the Toyota Tacoma.

Camping USA: All Terrain Campers is not the only company building aluminum-framed pop-up campers. What differentiates ATC from the competition?

ATC: We believe we make a better camper at a lower price than our competitors. At ATC your camper will be built by master craftsmen with decades of experience. We run a low-overhead operation so we are able to beat our competitors prices by at least one to two thousand dollars on a base model. Some of the competitions options are standard features at ATC, which could save you even more based on how what options you have selected. So basically, you are getting a better built camper for less money.

Also at All Terrain Campers we will do a variety of customizations and repair work on our campers and our competitors campers. We will also build custom campers to just about any specification. These are  both services that our competition has little interest in.

Camping USA: How does a potential customer get more info on ATC products or go about ordering an All Terrain Camper?

ATC: All of our model info, options, pricing and other info can be seen on our website: click here to visit the All Terrain Campers website. We build each camper to order so customers can give us a call or send an email for ordering info.

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