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Are you looking for a new and unique way to enjoy your camper or RV? Would you like to discover new and interesting places to stay? Harvest Hosts has created an innovative membership program that not only adds interesting travel options for the RVer, but also saves the member a significant amount of money on the cost of overnight stays.

Harvest Hosts was created by Kim and Don Greene, both avid world travelers and RV travel experts, as a way for self-contained RV campers and travelers to support farmers and to enjoy free overnight stays at hundreds of farms, wineries, orchards and other agri-businesses across the United States. 

Imagine spending the day visiting and learning about the agricultural business with the added benefit of sampling and purchasing farm fresh produce, wine tasting, tours, and supporting our home soil growers.  At the end of the day, spend the night in the serenity of a working farm or winery.

Harvest Hosts describes the program as "….. the opportunity to enjoy wine tasting, tour farms and museums, pick your own produce or stock up on local products.  You'll have experiences that are fun for all ages and are located in areas that are full of history and personality.   You’ll love meeting your Hosts and at the end of the day, you’ll enjoy a unique parking spot in the country. 

Membership in Harvest Hosts is $35.00 for a twelve month membership.  For the average price of one night’s accommodation at a private campground, you can enjoy the hospitality of Hosts across North America.  With the money you've saved, you can show your appreciation to your Host by making a purchase to support them."

Harvest Host Membership Benefits

  • A great alternative to campgrounds or RV parks.

  • 24 hour stays at hundreds of farms, wineries, orchards and other agri-businesses are free with your $35 annual membership.
  • Stock up on fresh produce and wine directly from the grower or winemaker.

  • Access to the Harvest Hosts easy to use, interactive website to help plan your visits.
  • An opportunity to learn about farm life while supporting our agricultural community.
  • The opportunity to join Harvest Hosts on International wine tours conducted by expert travelers Kim and Don Greene.

What Others Are Saying
Escapees’ Magazine:  A unique way to enjoy the RV lifestyle.  One ideal-sounding deal for RVers that more than lives up to its billing is the Harvest Hosts program. 

Family Motorcoach Association:  Harvest Hosts locations reflect the diversity of the American Farm.  They include wineries, u-pick farms, orchards, farm markets, cider mills, maple sugarhouses, dairy farms, flower and herb gardens, creameries, breweries, distilleries, open-air museums and wildlife rescue/animal parks.

Motorhome Magazine:  Just as diners pair food and wine, a new program is pairing wineries and farms with RVers.

Trailer Life Magazine:  Kicking back and staying for the night after a day’s visit at a winery along the way is an enticing plan, but the fact that you can do this for free makes it a no-brainer.

Frugal RV Travel chooses Harvest Hosts as a program worth joining: “The free wine tastings without having to worry about driving afterwards! Our favorite bottle of wine is bound to cost us less than a campground.” Read the full article at Frugal RV Travel: http://www.frugal-rv-travel.com/RV-Membership-Clubs.html

Avid RVer John Fremont praises Harvest Host in an in-depth review: “My personal experiences with hosts have been extremely positive and our stays at host farms have been the highlight of our visits to some states. This is a great way to save a little money, help out a local business and have a beautiful place to stay for the night.” Read full review here: http://johnfremont.hubpages.com/hub/Harvest-Host-A-Great-Way-to-Save-on-RV-Travel

The Camping USA staff really likes the idea of the Harvest Hosts membership and we have become members ourselves. We are excited about doing some farm stays and sharing our experiences here at a future date. To learn more about Harvest Hosts or to sign up for a membership, visit the Harvest Hosts website.

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