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Central City/Black Hawk KOA

Not Happy Campers!
  • telkbear July 2013
    We planned for a trip to this KOA above Central City, Colorado by driving through the campground several weeks before we were to arrive. We then called DIRECTLY to the campground, talked to the owner and asked for a specific site. It was told to us that this was not a problem and that we had it reserved. We waited for a confirmation via email, but did not get it, so we called back DIRECTLY and got the owner's mother, who confirmed that we were in space 42 and she then did send the confirmation to us. We packed up the RV and drove up to Central City to check in, only to find out that they had given our site to someone else...they admitted that they gave our site away, but said that someone was going to be staying for eight days, so they rated higher than we did, and they tried to put us into a site that overlooks a large condo complex. We declined and demaned a full refund, which they did grant us. We were hoping to build a relationship with the KOA for close to home camping trips, but trust me, they will NEVER get my business...I would never be able to trust anything they tell me again.
  • DirtyDogDirtyDog July 2013
    Wow that stinks. I'll have to remember to avoid that place!