Lassen Volcanic National Park

Campgrounds in the park:

Campgrounds nearby:

Campgrounds in the park:
Butte Lake Campground
Crags Campground
Juniper Lake Campground
Lost Creek Organization Camp.
Manzanita Lake Campground
Southwest Walk-In Campground
Summit Lake North Campground
Summit Lake South Campground
Warner Valley Campground
  Campgrounds near the park:
Alder Creek Campground
Almanor Campground
Battle Creek Campground
Big Pine Campground
Bridge Campground
Butte Creek Campground
Cassel Campground
Cave Campground
Cave Campground
Cherry Hill Campground
Crater Lake Campground
Creekside Mobile Estates & RV Park
Greenville Campground
Gurnsey Creek Campground
Hat Creek Campground
Hat Creek Campground
Hat Creek Hereford Ranch
Honn Campground
Mill Creek Eco Resort
Mill Creek Resort
Mt. Lassen - KOA
North Shore Campground
Potato Patch Campground
Rancheria RV Park
Rocky Campground
Volcano Country Camping

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